Virus Removal

Viruses and spyware are the two biggest contributers of a computer crash. They can cause your computer to freeze, constantly reboot, and not start up. Lack of removal may lead to sharing your personal information with strangers and ultimately a non-functioning computer.

Pop-ups and spam are two of the biggest nuisances you may find. A pop-up will display a box that will block the current website you are surfing on the Internet. Spam will waste your time filtering out and deleting those e-mailed advertisements.

So, if you are looking for Auckland PC Repair virus help or protection from spyware, we will ensure your computer is protected against these malicious threats. Your computer will be automated to be secure and updated against future problems.

We will use our utilities to remove viruses and automate your computer's protection by preventing the following:

  • Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Infections
  • Malicious Active Content
  • Malware

We will quickly remove spyware and ensure constant protection of the following:

  • Spyware, Adware, Malware
  • Pop-ups, Home Page Hijackers
  • Malicious Scripts & Programs
  • Search Bars, Hot Bars
  • Advertisers, Keyloggers, Password Recorders, Internet Trackers
  • Modem Hijackers, System Monitor
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Virus Removal Tips