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Tips for iPhone uses


1. Save Battery Life (When It Is Running Low)

When your iPhone battery is running low, turning off the following settings can help make your iPhone last longer. With these off, you can still receive calls, SMS and even go online with EDGE connection.


  • Settings > Wi-Fi > Off.
  • Settings > Bluetooth > Off.
  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off.
  • Settings > General > Cellular > Enable 3G > Off.
  • Settings > General > Cellular > Enable LTE > Off.
  • Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring & Silent > Off.
  • Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Auto-Brightness > Off.
  • Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Off.



2. Stop The Music With A Timer

Do you like to listen to music when getting into bed for the night but often doze off without switching the iPhone off? You can use a timer to help you shut down the music. To do this, tap on Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends. Scroll down and tap Stop Playing. Then, set a timer (say 30 mins) and tap Start. Now you may play any music and it will be turned off after 30 mins.



3. Delete Last Digit In Calculator App

Entered a wrong digit in the Calculator app? Instead of tapping the Clear [C] button, you can just swipe your finger to the left or right of the numbers to clear the last digit. Each swipe will remove the last digit until the number becomes zero.



4. Set An Alphanumeric Passcode

Add an extra layer of protection to your iPhone with an alphanumeric passcode. To activate it, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Turn off Simple Passcode and you will be prompted to enter your alphanumeric password.



5. Use Headphone Cord To Take Photo

Shaky hands not getting you good photos? Well you can trigger a snapshot using the volume up or down buttons on your headphone.



6. Switch Shooting Directions In Panorama

Tap the arrow in Panorama mode to switch the shooting direction so you can take a panorama picture from left to right or right to left.



7. Find Word Or Phrase Within A Web Page

Searching for a word or phrase in a web page? In Safari, type in the word in the search bar on the top right and tap Search. In the results page, scroll all the way down and you will see how many words were found on the web pages. Tap on the searched word/phrase and you will be directed back to the web page with the searched word/phrase highlighted in yellow.



8. Undo Typing To Delete Typed Message

Hate getting carpal tunnel on your fingers from clearing your written SMS? Try this trick. Shake your iPhone and tap Undo Typing to delete your message. Changed your mind? Shake your iPhone again and tap on Redo Typing to retrieve your original message.



9. Type Emoji With Shortcuts

If you like to use Emoji in messaging but don’t like to switch the virtual keyboards repeatedly, try this trick to type Emoji with alphabets shortcuts.


  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.
  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut…
  • Insert a frequently used Emoji in Phrase.
  • Insert a text in Shortcut which will be used to convert to Emoji.



10. Formatting Email Content

You can format your email content while writing it on your iPhone. Just highlight the textyou want to format, then tap on the option arrow to look for the "BIU" button. Tap on it and select the format you want from BoldItalics or Underline.



11. Generate Random Passwords With Siri

Yes, the voice assistant Siri can do more than what it offers in command lists, including generating random passwords for you. Just activate Siri and say “random password” and you’ll be provided an 8-alphanumeric-character password from Siri. You can even add the character length e.g. "random password 16 characters".



12. Filter Groups That Can Reach You

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature allows us to silence calls, alerts and notifications when the iPhone is locked. However there are important calls that we can’t afford to miss, for example, calls from Mom or your heavily pregnant wife. Here’s a tutorial to help important groups of people reach you even in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.



13. Turn IPhone AssistiveTouch Icon On/Off Quickly

Many iPhone users have activated AssistiveTouch to alleviate the burden from the Home button. But it could be a little annoying since it is always on top of the screen. We’ve written a quicktip to guide you on how to turn the AssistiveTouch menu icon ON and OFF easily.



14. Send Multiple Photos At Once In Messages & Mail

Don’t like to add and send photos one by one in messaging or email? Try this trick. Here’s a guide on how you can send multiple photos at one go from your iPhone with just few simple taps.



15. Hide Unused Apple App Icons

We bet there are many stock apps that you do not need or use at all. The bad news is, you’re not allowed to delete them from your iPhone. The good news is, we have a trick to hide them, without having to jailbreak your iPhone.




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