Home Computer Repair Know How

Computers are actually very easier to repair these days. Home Computer Repair activity classified into hardware problems and software problems. Software problems only the main source to repair the home computers again and again. If there is no antivirus program in our systems then it is easily attacked by threats. The famous computer threats are listed below

1. Vulnerabilities
2. Spy ware
3. Email spam
4. Malware
5. Phishing

These threats are very powerful must repair the home computer. Prevention is better way to repair the home computers.

A software program which helps protect a computer against being infected by a virus is Called Antivirus Software. Most antivirus programs include an auto-update feature that enables the program to download profiles of new viruses so that it can check for the new viruses as soon as they are discovered.

The popular Antivirus software’s are

1. Mcafee
2. Kaspersky
3. Avg
4. Avast
5. Symantec

Automatic updating is the easiest and reliable way to protect the computer from the latest threats. Antivirus software scans incoming emails for attached viruses. It monitors files as they are opened or created to make sure they are not infected. It performs periodic scans of every file on the computer.

The following steps are very important to prevent the computer from threats.

1. We must use original software’s only.
2. We update our software and security patches up to date.
3. We use a reliable Internet security program to protect from spyware and other security risks.
4. We configure the firewall to block unsolicited requests for outbound communication.
5. We do not accept suspicious dialogs within the browser.
6. We do not download free deal of free offer without know the details.
7. Before installing any new software we must read End User License agreement.
8. Install Spam filtering/blocking software.
9. If we find an email is spam, delete the mail without fail.
10. Reject all Messages from people who are not in our messenger list.
11. Only open mails and attachments that come from trusted sources and are expected.
12. Before opening attachment we must scan the antivirus program.
13. Delete all unwanted messages without opening.
14. Without knowing the information about the website doesn’t open that.
15. If a person on our messenger list is sending any strange messages, files or Web site links then don’t accept.
16. Scan all files with a reliable Internet security program before transferring them to our system.
17. Only transfer files from secured sources.
18. Always use anti-virus programs when we are connected to the internet.
19. Don’t open the pornographic sites for any reason.

If we follow the above steps then there is no need to repair the home computer. Most of the antivirus programs are freeware and shareware. We can easily download from the internet and use. If we find the any hardware problem in home computer then we identify which hardware is to be fault. Then only we take the necessary action to repair the home computer.