Remote Computer Repair. is it Safe?

Remote computer repair is still a new idea to many; however it’s been available to you for years now. Rather than an expensive on-site visit, technicians connect securely to your computer using an advanced screen sharing program. This in turn, allows you to have your computer fixed right away, and at a lower cost due to the lower amount of overhead costs to the companies. But is it really safe?

The short answer is yes. Let me explain why… First, you remain with your computer at all times. When you drop your computer off at the store, you will be asked to return in a week or whenever they finish it. During this time, who knows if anyone is reading or copying your files? Can you be sure they haven’t taken or switched some piece of hardware? Will they even do anything to it before recommending you purchase their new model on isle 9? When having your computer repaired remotely, you’ll be able to watch the repair taking place as it is happening. Your tech should be available for questions through a chat window or the phone if you need him, however no one will know if you are watching or not thus ensuring the techs integrity. Ask your local super store geek if you can sit and watch them fix the computer and see what they say.

With on-site repair, not only do you have to pay very high fees, but you have to wait for the tech to fit you into the schedule when you need your computer working now! Then you must allow a stranger into your home. I’m reminded of a recent news story regarding a national on-site support chain and a camera phone left in a bathroom. If you want to watch what the on-site tech is doing you’ll have to literally watch from over his shoulder because he or she will be sitting in your seat.

With remote computer repair, you must pay with a credit card. Some people still have reservations on using credit cards online. The fact is that credit card companies want you to use their card online for everything. Ask your card company if you’ll be responsible for any fraud or stolen activity. You’ll likely be happy with their response. Plus if you think you are getting ripped off by the online computer repair service, you can use your credit card company to dispute the charge. Note: that a bank debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard usually don’t offer dispute services.

Because this new option for residential computer repair is so popular, a lot of new companies are sprouting up constantly. There are a few important things to look for in a remote computer repair service. Are they in the same country as you? This important because if laws are different, you’ll have a tough time disputing a problem with them should you come to have one. Do they have a No Fix, No Fee guarantee? Many per minute or hour services charge you for their time and do not guarantee to fix anything. What does that say about their trust and training of their own techs? Finally, be cautious of an insanely low price. In my experience, low pricing always means inexperience or a scam. You can expect to get a better deal than any in-shop or on-site service however.

So the next time you have a computer problem, give the remote approach a try. If you find a no fix, no fee guarantee companies then you truly have nothing to lose and such a convenience to gain.