Macbook repairs

Our qualified Macbook repair technicians provide high quality Macbook repair services on Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac for fast, reliable, and cost effective repairs. The laptop repair team can resolve any hardware or software related problem. From latest iOS installation, hard drive, RAM, screen replacement to Main logic board level repairs.


Our guaranteed MacBook repair services include


  • Macbook Repairs
  • Macbook screen replacement
  • Macbook glass replacement
  • Macbook Pro Repairs
  • Macbook Pro screen replacement
  • Macbook Air Repairs
  • Macbook Air screen replacement
  • iMac Repairs
  • iMac Screen Replacement

Useful shortcuts for Apple Mac

If you’re coming across from a Windows machine you’ll need to adapt to the new shortcuts on Mac. There are bucket loads of features so we've included ten useful ones to get you started.


  • Command + Tab  – Cycles through apps
  • Command + `  – Switches between application windows
  • Command + ,  – Opens up application preferences (may not work with everything)
  • Command + H – Hides current window
  • Command + Option + Esc – See running apps and force quit if necessary
  • Shift + Command + 3 – Screenshots entire screen and saves as a picture
  • Shift + Command + Control + 3 – Screenshots entire screen and is copied to clipboard
  • Shift + Command + 4 – Screenshot a designated area with the mouse
  • Option + Shift + Command + V – Pastes text with no formatting
  • Option + Shift + Command + Space - Opens a windows with spotlight so you can search for files on the Mac.


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